North Delta: History and Heritage

North Delta’s first history book, North Delta: History and Heritage is available now. This 190 page book tells you how North Delta developed from a forested slope to become the busy, vibrant community it is today. Edited by John Macdonald (author of The Kennedy Trail), this book is full of photographs seldom seen before, including aerial photographs. A special feature is the pull-out maps which let you compare what used to be with what is here now.

Starting with the earliest times – indigenous people with their fishing camps along the Fraser River, you’ll see the arrival of fishermen from Norway, Japan and other countries. Logging companies employed people from India, small farms grew up on the cleared land. Then came houses and streets and schools named after pioneers – Kennedy, Gibson, Gray and many more.

North Delta: History and Heritage has the answers to so many questions – where was the first school, first church, how did Strawberry Hill get its name? How did Annieville Park and Sunbury Hall get started? Who was our first fire chief and where did our first fire truck come from?

The North Delta Advisory Group of the Delta Heritage Society is publishing this book based on research done by its members and the memories of some of our elders. The cost of the book is only $20 tax included.

To get your copy of North Delta: History and Heritage contact:

John Macdonald, book editor, NDAG, Delta Heritage Society member:

Nancy Demwell, NDAG, Delta Heritage Society member:

Barbara Baydala, Delta Heritage Sodiety president:

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