As we await the opening of the Douglas J. Husband Discovery Center adjacent to City Hall, the Delta Heritage Society and the City of Delta are working collaboratively to review our collection policies and procedures and how the collection supports the telling of comprehensive stories about Delta’s history and identity. We are evaluating the current collection with consideration given to the following topics:

  • Fraser Estuary Resources
  • North Delta Development; especially Norwegian, Japanese and South Asian
  • Foundational Delta Families
  • North Delta Municipal Infrastructure (for example, Recreation Centres, Sports Groups)
  • Annacis Island Development
  • Pre-1900 Community Development
  • Fishing in the Wake of Industry Depletion

Current artifacts are going through an extensive evaluation process utilizing a Heritage Asset Assessment Tool, which assists in the evaluation. The process considers the artifact’s physical status, community history and collection plan support. Like artifacts are evaluated at the same time so they can be compared. Following the evaluations and comparisons, a recommendation is made to the Collections Committee to retain the artifact or to remove it from the collection (deaccession).

If the decision is to deaccession, the artifact is held for a one year cooling off period, in case further information is discovered. We invite community members to bring forward any information they may have about any specific artifact.

After the year, the artifact may be transferred for use in the museum’s education or props collection. If not desirable to the other collections, the artifact is offered to other museums and cultural organizations through the British Columbia Museums Association and the Canadian Museums Association. If no other institution requests the artifact, it is then offered on BC Auction, a site where government assets are sold. Artifacts may also be placed with other auction houses if deemed appropriate. Any proceeds from the sale of artifacts are deposited into a fund specifically for use in the preservation or restoration of items in the Collection.

Items offered to the museum and archives go through the same evaluation process. If the item meets the collection criteria the item may be accepted into the collection (accession).

If you have a cherished artifact you feel will help tell a vibrant, exciting story, please contact Kevin Hicks, Collections Assistant. Email Tel 604-952-3829

Or contact the Douglas J. Husband Discovery Center Curator, Michelle Taylor. Email Tel 604 952 3837 Cell 604 404 4829


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